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In the Mood Magazine

A journal about the things we like to watch

Issue 7 Contents

Movie still of Batman's chest with nipples emblazoned on the suit.Movie still from Tove. A hand sketches two Moomin cartoons holding each other.Bugs Bunny, a cartoon rabbit, is about to drop a huge anvil from the top of a pirate ship.TV still from Sailor Moon. A white gloved hand holds a magical wand with a half moon at its tip.TV still from The Smurfs. A group of blue smurfs and Smurfette hang out in the grass with flowers.Movie still from Superman. Superman flies through the city at night in the air, arm outstretched.TV still from Pingu. A claymation penguin cries on the floor in a kitchen, overwhelmed by the kettle blowing and the phone ringing.Movie still from Night on the Galactic Railroad. A cute animated cat in a vest lies on a bed of flowers, looking up at the sky.Movie still from Face Like A Frog. A colourful animated frame of elephant-like creatures walking in a line, arms outstretched.Movie still from Eveready Harton and the Buried Treasure. An old black-and-white cartoon of a man staring at a detached penis looking at him from a rock, an exclamation mark hovering over it in shock.

In The Mood asks: what are your viewing habits, highs, and hang-ups? In other words, why do you look away and then look again? Why are you so obsessed with the exact shade of pink of Suki’s car in 2 Fast 2 Furious? Or the look on Marnie’s face after she’s fired the shotgun? We want to hear all about it, but you should know that we are terrible at keeping secrets.