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In the Mood Magazine

A journal about the things we like to watch

Issue 6 Contents

Movie still from White Oleander. A mother and daughter stand in a kitchen, the mother holding a white oleander flower in a glass of milk.Movie still from The Parent Trap. Twin girls, both played by Lindsay Lohan, poke their heads out a camping tent.Movie still from The Triplets of Belleville. Three cartoon women in furs and hats stand in front of a microphone on a stage.Movie still from Every Man For Himself. Two people topple over a table, holding each other in a wrestle-embrace.Movie still from Dead Ringers. Twin men embrace a woman together, dancing.Movie still from Before Sunrise. A woman and a man dance alone on a residential street by someone's window.Music video still from Bjork's All Is Full Of Love. Two humanoid robots embrace each other and kiss, while machinery operates on them.Movie still from Invasion of the Body Snatcheres. Leonard Nimoy and Jeff Goldblum stand with ominous shadows cast upon their faces.Movie still from Adaptation. Twin men, both played by Nicolas Cage, hide behind a fallen tree while a flashlight aims above them.Movie still from Petite Maman. A pair of twin girls stand in a forest in front of a pyramid made of tree branches, their arms around each other.

In The Mood asks: what are your viewing habits, highs, and hang-ups? In other words, why do you look away and then look again? Why are you so obsessed with the exact shade of pink of Suki’s car in 2 Fast 2 Furious? Or the look on Marnie’s face after she’s fired the shotgun? We want to hear all about it, but you should know that we are terrible at keeping secrets.