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In the Mood Magazine

A journal about the things we like to watch

Issue 5 Contents

Movie still from X. An old woman in a nightgown lifts her arm up.Movie still from House of Wax. A scary masked man creeps through a hole in a wall.Movie still from The Fog. A group of men stand, drenched in fog. One has bright red eyes.Movie still from Jennifer's Body. Needy peers through the window at Jennifer sleeping in her bedroom.Movie still from Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Leatherface is lifting his arms up.Movie still from It Follows. A hand reaches out to a flower.Movie still from Cat People. A black panther growls behind a cage next to a photograph of a beautiful woman.Movie still from Saw. A mysterious cloaked figure approaches past a chainlink fence.Movie still of a scary clown paintingMovie still from The Witch. A family sits around a candlellit table in 1630s New England.

In The Mood asks: what are your viewing habits, highs, and hang-ups? In other words, why do you look away and then look again? Why are you so obsessed with the exact shade of pink of Suki’s car in 2 Fast 2 Furious? Or the look on Marnie’s face after she’s fired the shotgun? We want to hear all about it, but you should know that we are terrible at keeping secrets.