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In the Mood


A journal about the things we like to watch

Film still from Sex Lies and Videotape. A woman caresses a man's hand around her neck and chin, eyes closed in pleasure.
Film still from Sex Lies and Videotape. A man lies on a pillow, his lips being caressed by a woman on top of him.

Issue 3

Film still from Blue Valentine. Ryan Gosling holds Michelle Williams on his lap against his chest in a bus.
Film still from To Live and Die in L.A. A man and a woman stand in a kitchen with serious expressions.

In The Mood asks: what are your viewing habits, highs, and hang-ups? Why can't we stop thinking about the exact shade of pink of Suki’s car in 2 Fast 2 Furious? Or the look on Marnie’s face after she’s fired the shotgun? Tell us what you're obsessed with, we want to hear all about it. But you should know that we’re terrible at keeping secrets.

  • Evie, a fiery devil, hunches over Issue 1 of In The Mood Magazine. She's wearing a hat and has a toothpick in her mouth. Art by Aidan Jeans

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  • Evie, a cheeky devil, smiles with the speech bubble that reads "A girl's gotta eat!" Art by Aidan Jeans


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